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Derbyshire Dales

This page provides links to information relating to Derbyshire Dales

Net Zero Carbon

Derbyshire Dales District Council recently published their Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, 2020 to 2030. Find out more details here.

Carbon Budget

Find out about setting climate commitments for Derbyshire Dales here.

Previous Questionnaire

Early in 2020 members of The Hub conducted a face to face questionnaire with about 140, randomly selected, local residents. Find out more about the results of this questionnaire here.


Read more about planning applications within Derbyshire Dales that are likely to have a detrimental environmental impact here.

Sustainable Travel

The Hope Valley Climate Action group have recently conducted a survey on sustainable transport.

The survey showed that there is a considerable appetite from local people and visitors for more sustainable travel in the Hope Valley. Many people are willing to consider making the switch to walking, cycling, electric vehicles, and greater use of public transport, provided the conditions are right. These include safe roads, particularly for cyclists, and ready access to high quality public transport. There is also a new appetite for working from home, reducing the need to travel.

You can find their full report here.

If you would like us to conduct a similar survey for the Derbyshire Dales, please let us know.

State of Derbyshire Dales Environment –

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